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Guardian Angel Basset Rescue in Dwight, IL

For over two decades, Dwight Veterinary Clinic has been dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of the beloved Bassets supported by Guardian Angel Basset Rescue.

Our Work with Guardian Angel Basset Rescue

Guardian Angel Basset Rescue is a non-profit organization that aims to facilitate happy endings for thousands of homeless Basset Hounds living in Illinois, Eastern Missouri, and Indiana. On the surface, Guardian Angel Basset Rescue benefits Basset Hounds, but it also enriches the lives of those who are fortunate enough to call one of these dogs a furry family member.

The ultimate goal is to find forever homes for these Bassets, however, there are several steps along the way. Veterinary care is the first step and largest expense. Larry Little, President of Guardian Angel Basset Rescue, created an organization that makes an enormous difference in the world of rescued pets, and we could not be prouder to work with him, his team, and the wonderful Basset Hounds they serve.

Dwight Veterinary Clinic has supported this amazing effort for the past 20 years by helping to improve the health and happiness of these Bassets. This includes vaccines, heartworm testing and treatments, dental care, surgical procedures, and much more.

With the right veterinary care, a Basset is one step closer to finding a safe and loving home. Until a foster home or forever home is found, we happily make space at our facility where we make sure they are comfortable and have everything they need.

Guardian Angel Basset Rescue holds regular events that benefit the Basset Hounds in their care. Visit their website to learn more about upcoming events and how you can contribute to this admirable cause. If you would like to volunteer, donate, or be a foster parent, your help and support is immeasurable. Please contact Larry Little, President of Guardian Angel Basset Rescue, at larry@bassetrescue.org or 815-584-1044.

The GABR Foster Program

In a foster home, dogs experience a domestic setting where their behavior, interactions, and temperament are observed. Fosters assist with various needs like house training and socialization to improve their adoptability. While they address common issues, professional trainers are available to handle more complex problems, ensuring each dog receives appropriate care and support.

Fosters will share their findings with the area adoption coordinator (AAC) and the AAC will collaborate with GABR to ensure the best match between a basset and an adoptive family. GABR covers the expenses for spaying/neutering and vaccinations. Foster homes provide essential care including food, water, understanding, patience, and affection. The GABR does not operate on a "foster-to-adopt" basis.

The requirements for fostering are as follows:

  1. Must have a fenced yard
  2. No small children under 6 years of age living in the home
  3. All other dogs in the home need to be spayed/neutered, current on all vaccinations, and on heartworm preventative
  4. Must have Basset Hound experience
  5. Must have internet access
  6. Must have a vehicle to help with transportation

If you’re interested in fostering and meet all requirements, please complete the Foster Home Application. The GABR foster home director will reach out to you within a few days of receiving your application.

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